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Tire Changers and Wheel Balancers for passenger to light transport truck vehicles
The most complete Safety Inspection Package: Headlight Aimer, Window Tint meter and digital gauges. All these tools are MTO required
The Canbuilt Arm: Multi-functional Lifting System
Air Compressors, made in Canada for Heavy Duty Applications
2-in-1 Gravity Drain and Suction Extraction Waste Oil Changer
Oil & Fluid Garage and Fleet Essential Tools
Heavy Duty Safety Stands
Heavy Duty Hydraulic Presses
Professional Rustproofing Kits
Workbenches for Industrial, Automotive and educational applications.
Heavy Duty Orion Pumps for Oil, Grease and Fluids. Made in Sweden.
Heavy Duty Reels for Grease, Oil/Fluids and Air/Water
GOJAK, Self-Loading Dollies for moving and repositioning vehicles.
New York State Tinting Laws Compliant 2-Piece Window Tint Meter, Canbuilt Window Tint Meter

Fuel transfer and storage made mobile and safe

Ideal For automotive and Industrial applications


Heavy Duty Ladders, Trucks, Dollies & Carts