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FULL FEATURED Diagnostic Smoke Machine

FULL FEATURED Diagnostic Smoke Machine  Model Number: EVP-WV605

Model #: EVP-WV605

FULL FEATURED Diagnostic Smoke Machine
for EVAP and General Purpose Leak Detection

The leading supplier of Diagnostic Smoke Machines, and using patented technology, our OEM approved systems can trace leaks in virtually any automotive system: Vacuum, Exhaust, Oil, Turbo, Wind, Water and, most of all, Fuel Evaporative (EVAP) Systems.

Don’t let EVAP, lean codes & other leaks go unseen.
Make that Invisible Leak Visible with DIAGNOSTIC SMOKE® & UltraTrace UV DYE

  • OEM - approved vapor (smoke) from a specially formulated non-toxic, non-corrosive compound.
  • Patented UltraTraceUV™ technology approved by OEM’s deposits fluorescent dye at the leak and is easily seen with U/V light included
  • (EVP-WV605) Smoke Flow Volume Control.
  • (EVP-WV605) Non-smoke ‘Test’ mode (in addition to smoke mode)
  • (EVP-WV605) Full range flow meter - Capable of detecting leaks smaller than .010”



Ultra Trace UV Diagnostic Smoke Solution

Ultra Trace UV Diagnostic Smoke Solution  Model Number: EVP-0716UV

Model #: EVP-0716UV

UltraTraceUV® SMOKE SOLUTION (16 oz)

  • 16 oz. bottle of OEM-Approved UV smoke producing solution, good for about 500 tests.
  • Fluorescing dye marker under UV light shows the hard to find leaks

The added benefit of UltraTraceUV® Smoke is clear. 
Simply follow the smoke exiting from the area of a leak and you will see the dye deposited at the exact location of the leak.  This patented method has been proven to be much more effective than equipment using smoke alone.  This method is most effective when looking for leaks in areas that you need to gain access to, as on top of a fuel tank or internal parts of an engine when doing a valve job or when other disassembly is required.  In fact, virtually all automakers that have approved smoke technology, have approved and use the technology containing this special UV dye. 

NOTE: Mineral oil or "baby Oil" should never be used ! Delicate sensors and other engine components can be permanently damaged with the use of non OEM approved solutions. In addition, many oils produce toxic smoke dangerous in the workplace.

Preset Nitrogen Gas Flow Regulator

Preset Nitrogen Gas Flow Regulator  Model Number: EVP-227NG

Model #: EVP-227NG


  • Use on Cylinders up to 3000 psi
  • Gauge shows inert gas cylinder pressure

NO Adjustments! - The factory preset regulator always guarantees proper operating pressure for any Vacutec Smoke machine.  Easily connects to nitrogen cylinder and to coiled supply hose.

Metal Workstation Cart for Smoke Machine

Metal Workstation Cart for Smoke Machine  Model Number: GT-280

Model #: GT-280


Exclusive Heavy-duty, Blue powder-coated cart provides a useful work platform from which the technician can perform diagnostic testing.

Holding the smoke machine securely in place, it allows for easy transport anywhere in the service bay.

With the smoke machine positioned at a comfortable height for the technican, this mobile workstation allows him to be most productive and error free.

A specially designed tray conveniently carries and secures the nitrogen tank.  Extra lower shelf holds accessories, hand tools and more.