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Optical Tachometer

Optical Tachometer  Model Number: TA-105

Model #: TA-105


  • Bright and powerful laser optical system allows for easy targeting of rotating shafts, wheels, pulleys, etc…even in bright daylight.
  • Measurements can be obtained from comfortable distances 2" to 20"
  • The large 5 digits display allows measurements without the need to switch scales or multiply reading ranges.
  • Unit comes complete with batteries, reflective tape and soft carrying pouch.


Oxygen Sensor /Tester

Oxygen Sensor /Tester  Model Number: CT-ST05

Model #: CT-ST05

This professional oxygen sensor tester incorporates sophisticated electronic technology to allow technicians to run response time tests on zirconium, titanium 1 Volt and titanium  5 Volt oxygen sensors, both heated or unheated (1 to 4 wires), showing a pass or fail result in a matter of seconds.

The ST05 is equipped with a well-lit LED bar graph to allow quick visualization and easy interpretation of results during tests. The cross count result is prominently displayed in real time during tests. The rich/lean simulation mode forces voltage across the oxygen sensor to simulate lean or rich fuel conditions to monitor the response of the engine control module.FEATURES

  • Simulate Rich/Lean sensor output
  • Test Sensor response time
  • Test zirconium sensors
  • Test Titanium 1 & 5v sensors
  • Test titanium 1 to 4 wires
  • Test heated or unheated sensors