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Canada gives you a bigger BANG for your buck!
23 to 31 Inches Diameter Inside Clamping, Professional M&B Tire Changers Swing Arm and Tilt Back Professional and affordable Wheel Balancers Professional and Affordable Tire Changers



Ask your Industrial or Automotive supplier for Canbuilt Products
For additional information give us a call at: 1-888-607-2926

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Best Safety Inspection Packages


  • If you already have the digital gauges for safety inspections, then buying the OPT-5405 Headlight Aimer is a great choice
  • If you have no digital gauges or headlight aimer but have a tint meter, then go for the SI-PKG
  • If you have no digital inspection tools then the SI-PKGPlus is the way to go because includes 4 gauges and the tint meter, which is required
  • If you have no digital gauges and work with most trucks, the SI-PKGTR is a good choice. Includes the SI-631DG Wheel-On brake caliper for trucks, instead of the SI-658DC or buy the SI-PKG and separately one SI-631DG to do both cars and trucks

 Ask your equipment distributor for Canbuilt Products!

Vehicle and Motorcycle Lifts

Quality lifts for vehicle maintenance and repair

Mid-Rise Vehicle Lifts


Great motorcycle/ATV lifts for maintenance and repair

Motorcycle, ATV Lifts

For Power Sports Enthusiasts!

Whether winterizing or doing pre-season prep. we have the lifts needed to make the job easy. For professional shops or DIY's garages. Ask your local equipment supplier for Canbuilt Products